MOBJE was created in 2019 by Fujii Hat Co., Ltd., a hat-maker.
Since its foundation in 1948 in Onomichi, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, our company has been producing hats of various styles.
Onomichi faces the Seto Inland Sea and is known as a city of slopes, literature, and films.
It has also been depicted in many artistic works.
Recently, Onomichi has attracted world-wide attention as the starting point of the Shimanami Kaido,
a scenic highway connecting many islands on the Seto Inland Sea.
In 2020, the first Hiroshima Triennale art festival is planned to be held in Onomichi,
an event which is expected to further deepen the city’s relations with the fine arts.



When our company was founded, we began producing sun-hats incorporating thin sheets of wood, a special product of Onomichi. At present, we are producing hats featuring both excellent functions and artistic designs,
at our own factories in Onomichi and Ningbo, China.
Instead of employing automated mass production techniques, hat-making entails manual operations
carried out by experienced artisans.
Furthermore, it is necessary to pass on and additionally develop their techniques. On the other hand, many time-honored techniques and materials are no longer used today, due to radical changes in fashion trends.
We could probably upcycle these materials into something new and more valuable by transcending hat-making.
With this in mind, we began developing MOBJE.

In the present age, when goods and information are available in abundance,
more and more people have begun to carefully select furniture and lighting equipment that perfectly meet their preference and values. However, a smaller number of people pay close attention to interior decorations.
In this rapidly changing world, it is sometimes good to stop and think of ways to appreciate f ine arts. By introducing artistic interior
decorative items in our living space, we can enrich our daily life.
Hoping to offer not just interior decorations but opportunities for owners to personally rearrange and create works of art,
we have developed MOBJE, which is completed with the final touch of their own hands.
Interior decorations are not daily necessities. However, we believe that spending a little time on creating them
and allocating a little space for them can surely enrich your living space and your daily life.
We hope that MOBJE will provide you with this special opportunity.