Calm / Grand / Innocent

As the name suggests, MASCOTTE is the mascot character of MOBJE. While this mascot of MOBJE, which started as a hat manufacturer, simply wears a hat, it can express a variety of emotions or intentions depending on how the hat is worn. When the hat is removed a round wooden head is revealed. The wooden head is formed from Himeko (Japanese white) pine that is soft to the touch. It has a gentle expression that makes you want to rub it. The hat is made of raffia palm, the clothes and striped pants are made of Japanese paper, and the inner filler is a mixture of cotton and Himeko pine sawdust, which gives it a fresh and cool scent unique to Himeko pine. The three shapes look like a grand father, a calm mother, and an innocent child. A hat, white clothes, and black and white striped pants. This simple combination makes even the slightest change seem to reveal emotion. The MOBJE MASCOTTE is designed to spark your imagination, and to encourage questions such as "What does it look like?" and "How does it make you feel?"